GV Hand Crafted Mouthpieces

“Free-up your expression”

Welcome to GV Hand Crafted Mouthpieces, where each piece is a unique gem; carefully and laboriously crafted.

Gabriel Vatavu grew up in the country of Romania, back when instruments and accessories were scarce and of poor quality. As a clarinet and saxophone player the need for better working instruments and mouthpieces was acutely felt from early on; practicing and trying to improve your instrumental ability was a continuous battle due to non-optimal equipment.

This gave birth to a strong desire to change the world of instrumental struggle one instrument at the time, one mouthpiece at the time. Each artists has their own barriers to overcome on their musical journey, and equipment should not be one of them.
Gabriel has worked hard at mastering the art of mouthpiece making. Each one of his mouthpieces are the result of long hours of labour and careful crafting. There will not be millions of GV mouthpieces around, but those few ones will surely be something special.